About Chorley Club

About Chorley Club

The radio club was founded in 2002, at which time there were three founding members;  Ian,  Sean and Ness. All were members of other clubs at the time,  and didn’t like what they saw and decided to start their own club.  Ian went around to meet new people around the Chorley area in search of fully licensed people in order to  apply for a full call sign,  which is known as the advance now so the club call is MX0ISN. The club was  started with a hand full of members and has built up from there.

Two founding members remain: Ian and Ness. We are also a satellite center for people to do exams at all levels.  Everything is done in front of the members not behind closed doors and we try to keep the club friendly.

The club is running with about 50 or more members now and is active doing events every year. We are  also active from our center.

We meet every Wednesday from 19:00 till 21:00 hours

  • M1EHI

    Ian - Vice Chairperson

  • Treasurer Nessie

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