16th May 2015 Tank Activation

tankThe first team arrived on site early it was sunny but with a bit of a chill wind and erected the clark mast up on the fence post,Learning from the previous year by connecting the GR5V on the down wind side of the mast thus preventing any shorting out of the antenna. Next it was decided that although it was a fine day it would be a bit too much to ask the operating team to operate in the open so the tent was erected and the radio (FT980)was set up with the laptop for logging and everything was ready by 10.30. Peter (M6PRR)10151916_10151949157042161_6664793525091990640_n started the ball rolling,After a few cq calls out it rapidly descended into a more or less permanent pile up which peter loves. He was then followed by the capable hands of Stuart M0WSW stuartwith no let up in the intensity of the callersand he ran it till about dinner time.
The Finale operator was a Touch of class showing how it should be done ie:Mark (g1pie)mail We operated mainly on 40 meters and can not complain about the results.

Once again the Logging was accomplished by Pam (2E1HQY the butter pie queen)WWF ACTIVATION  _150418_0013
A good turn out by members through out the day from 9am till about 3pm.And the Weather although remaining sunny did not get any warmer . it was nice to get a visit from Jack (GOFQN) dureing the day although he could not be persuaded to go on the mic.
We worked 140 stations in total, all over the UK and Ireland and some into Germany, France, and the Netherlands.
Photos are elsewhere on this website.
mark g1pie.

mark g1pie