14th July Andy’s Contesting Results for 432MHz UKAC

untitledHello there my set up in house (ft-857d 1/2 size g5 rv and a ldg at-200pro antenna tuner and a watson w300 vertical for 2 m and 70cm) and now g0ksc innov 8 element lfa 2m yagi and a 70cm 17 element dk7zb long yagi (4m long ) one 3 ele 6m sandpiper yagi +ts530s with 1/2sze g5rv and multiband homemade vertical antenna
I Have recently also change my coax for the from rg213 to ecoflex 15 to reduce the feed line losses to the antennas even more the co-linear si still on rg213u .I have also got shf electoniks mvv144-vox mvv mvv432-vox mast head preamp currently on the 2m and 70cm yagis in the shack as Ionly have 12m ecoflex 15 on each yagi. My new rotatar is a spid rau with usb interface
You will see me working actively on the 144mhz and 432 mhz and 50Mhz ukac just using the yagis.DSC_0793

And the map is better this time



  • Contest :432MHz UKAC
  • Submitted :Tue Jul 14 21:49 2015
  • Deadline :Tue Jul 21 2015
  • Section :AL
  • Callsign :M0NST
  • Group :Chorley & DARS
  • Meeting Place:PR60PR
  • QSOs :13
  • DXCCs :4
  • WWLs :5
  • UK WWLs :5
  • M
  • Mults :10

Andy M0NST