M3ZPJ P.J.SMYTH Went Silent Key on The 04/10/2015

3D4D0366_1HE was Born on 25/5/1953 in Bolton after leaving school went into the Army
did 6 years in the R.C.T. On leaving started to work for Bolton Council
were he stayed for fourteen years & having to retire on medical grounds.
Leaves wife Rose & five siblings four daughters & a son.
PJs place was like a zoo having his doves,some of which were actually hand
reared from a day old,then three parrots & two dogs (one Domino who use
to go for the wife Rose).Now he thought that was a real goggle hee hee!
One thing PJ was really into was native American culture,he had a lot of
artifacts collected over the years,see the gold chiefs head around his
head & lots of dream catchers ( Ojibwe or Lakota )the tribal names used.
When PJ was fit he loved going shooting with his mates & was a crack shot
with a rifle even a rat at 60 yards with a pellet gun was not safe.
PJ only did his foundation licence as he had no need for power & worked
as a QRP Stn. In 2010 when contesting for B.W.C. he won the UK foundation
shield in the monthly contesting for that year.Then in 2012 he came over to
the CHORLEY SIX SHOOTERS but was a member of C.A.D.A.R.S anyway.He always
banged in a good score for the club on 144 Mhz.
After the usual club meetings we would go to take Holy Water in the Shepard’s Arms
and have a few pints and a laugh. Chorley Club held their annual Christmas party there as
well, PJ made the curry, it was top notch never any left!But when there was
a party on the go all you needed was PJ our own Proper  PARTY ANIMAL & you
would go a long way to have a more enjoyable time with the laughs comeing thick and fast,

As was the case on  his 60th birthdayparty back in 2013.But when PJ had, had a boring day,when asked what had he
been up to? the answer was always ” NOTHING,NOTHING & NOTHING ”
Pj would touch the hearts of all who met him & got to know him as a friend.
We have had some fantastic fun nights,with PJ now sadly it’s all over R.I.P
old mate. UOG & M6OXO


thanks to brian for the above