5Th JAN 2016 First Post of the Year

Happy New Year to All

Message from Mark GOPIEG1PIE SHACK

  • Throughout 2016 the Phoenix ARC and other UK clubs will commemorate the lives and achievements of over 20 British Scientists with short on-air events onĀ  anniversary days and sometimes from related locations.The programme starts on 8 January 2016 by commemorating the birthday of Prof. Stephen Hawking, culminating on Christmas Day 2016 with Sir Isaac Newton.

    Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards will be available for 5, 10 or 15 contacts made with the Commemorative Stations. Various clubs callsigns will be used for the events, and several events will use a UK Special Event (‘GB’) Callsign. All UK clubs can participate, most especially if they have a local connection to one of the scientists being commemorated.

    More information is available on the PARC website – www.PhoenixARC.org.uk
    or email PARC: info@phoenixarc.org.uk

    Alan Clayton G7HZZ
    for PARC & YHARG