06-6-16 New Repeater

Oyaz Oyaz Oyaz

Gather Around all Ye Good Citizens of The Fair Isles Of Gross Britannia And Pay Heed To The Proclamation And Tydeings    From The Parish of St Pauls on The Coast Of Yea Ancient Shire Of Lancaster.

There Be a New Fangled Device Of The Radio Waves Called DMR Pheonix  Repeater Has Been Placed In The Above Mentioned Parish Enabling All Who Talk Into it To be In Contact With Citizens Around The World  and Seeing AS it Cost’s NOTHING to Achive This Feat Would Appear To  be The Bargain Of A  Lifetime .

This Wondrous Feat Is Bought To you Be the Wizardry And Good Will of Biggles (Alan G0WDA)



The Name of this Wounders Object is            GB7FO         And Details of The Control Of it Can Be found bye Pressing The Link Above , And Biggles Has Said To this Scribe That Silver Need Not To Cross HIS PALM for The Use of The Above Instrument (Gold Would Be a Differnt Thing) . I Have Been Told That There Are Two Different Systems And Must Stress That This is The PHEONIX System And Not The Brand Meister One Which Is Totally Different  Operating  System Altogether.

And Finaly To Finish Off And Make This Package Truely Unique in The Annuals Of Ham Radio  There Is Absolutely No cost Whatsoever For Advice And Help On Getting Core Plugs and Other Devices To Work On The Repeater When You Contact  Alan  G0WDA

SO Cheers and Beers Till Next Time