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06-6-16 New Repeater

Oyaz Oyaz Oyaz Gather Around all Ye Good Citizens of The Fair Isles Of Gross Britannia And Pay Heed To The Proclamation And Tydeings    From The Parish of St Pauls on The Coast Of Yea Ancient Shire Of Lancaster. There Be a New Fangled Device Of The Radio Waves Called DMR Pheonix  Repeater Has Been Placed In The Above

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SSTV Transmissions Scheduled from the International Space Station

 01/29/2015 The Russian Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) team plans to activate slow-scan television (SSTV) from the ISS on Saturday January 31, and on Sunday, February 1. The anticipated SSTV mode will be PD180 on 145.800 MHz with 3-minute off periods between transmissions. Twelve different images will be transmitted during the operational period. This

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