Club Members

If you want to be removed from the Gallery ask ian, via the contact Form.

  • Shortwave Listner

    Tony Aniello SWL

  • Shortwave Listner

    Ted Sheidan SWL

  • Shortwave Listner

    Rodney Renolds SWL

  • Shortwave Listner

    Paul Cheshire SWL

  • Shortwave Listner

    Michal Blackhuast SWL

  • Shortwave Listner

    M6IZT Mark Scott

  • M6NNA Les Wilkinson

  • M6JTD Dave Connor

  • M6JPN Brian A Monnell

  • M6FZE Anthony P Korben

  • M6JIU Helena Harrop


  • Shortwave Listner

    M6IZV Garry Harrop

  • M6IZO Dylan Drake

  • M0YKB Dillon Yakub

  • Shortwave Listner

    David Harrop SWL


  • M6IZQ Bill Townsend

  • Shortwave Listner

    M6IZU Ben Briggs

  • 2E0XCD George Coldham

  • MODNW Syd Treasurer


    2E0NYF Dave Lamble

  • Shortwave Listner

    Tony Cook SWL

  • Shortwave Listner

    Tony Browning SWL


    M0DKR Dave Austin

  • M6BJC Malcolm Holding

  • Sharon Holding SWL

  • 2E0VMA Chantel


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