New Repeater in Blackpool

Blackpool FM Fusion Repeater

Operator: Alan G0WDA

With special thanks and support from G0RDI Iain Philipps, and M0DKR Dave

Please NOTE Analogue Only (FM)


Receive 145.2375 mhz – Transmit 145.2375 MHz

CTCSS 82.5hz

Please keep the power level down

Please only TX if your going to give a CQ call or replying to another station,
as sending a dead carrier creates havoc on the system for other users and nodes and repeaters.

WIRES-X Node ID : 31134

WIRES-X Room ID : 41134

Call sign: : GB7FF

Wlcome From Chorley

Hi And Welcome


Well here we go again and welcolme to a brand new site, a bit harder to get my head round the operating controls but i suppose we will get there eventually with a lot of help from G0WDA  ALAN . The members list is up so if anyone can spot anything wrong ie: call signs or names to wrong picture the pleases get in touch and i will correct it.

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