Hello world!

Hi And Welcome


Well here we go again and welcolme to a brand new site, a bit harder to get my head round the operating controls but i suppose we will get there eventually with a lot of help from G0WDA  ALAN . The members list is up so if anyone can spot anything wrong ie: call signs or names to wrong picture the pleases get in touch and i will correct it,

As you may have noticed the old web site was left alone for quite a long while this was due to a slight illness i was suffering with which seemed to take all mental functions down to a basic level of not being as quick witted or being able to think outside the box which is what you need to be able to do to try and make a reasonable blog, or so i have been told.Anyone who wants to post something in the blog can get in touch and we will do it  ,this is the clubs website not mine so the more that pitch in the better. the only rule is NO PROFANITY’S  Gripes,Moans or other complaints no problem, if we dont know its broke then we cant fix it

i will be taking new photos of members as well as the old one were out of focus due to my eyesight and not setting the camera up properly but had a natter with a professional and he  sorted the eye-piece out so it gave me a brad new view of the world hence new pictures of everyone. cant promise to make you any more hansom or beautiful as there are limits as to what photo shop can do. but i will do my best?

right thats enough for the first blog

Cheers and Beers

brian (m3xcm)