General Data Protection Regulation

Due to the new Regulation due out on 25th May 2018, we will be making changes to the website, this will enable all users to understand what data is being collected and why, you then have the opportunity at any time to ask removal data which holds your details..

There is no signup to this website, and no tracking, ip address is stored while you move around the site, and is deleted every 48 hours…

We have a form that allows users to send or request information from Admin, this data is name, address, phone number, email, subject and text,  once the email is replied to, the email is deleted.

If you give us information, YOU must tell us if you want you name attracted to the posting, if you don’t it will be left off.

Club Photos will on carry you first name and call sign, if you are unhappy about this please tell Admin not to take your picture.

New Addition: Chorley Bulletin Board (BBS or Furums)

You may at any time ask for your account to be deleted, BUT all the data you have added in free forums, remains the property of the Moderators, for others to learn from
But your account and personal emails will be deleted please give 72hours for this to happen…

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